In the year 1995, I Sandy Barnes laid my eyes on a Havanese, a breed I had never seen before. Lynn Nieto
and I had embarked on Bichons prior to the epidemic of Love we both caught from the contagious allure of
the Havanese. She caught the virus first and to be very honest I truly thought she was sick, very sick indeed,
but let me explain. I get a phone call and with great excitement Lynn told me that she had obtained an older
Havanese Bitch ( Fina ) on breeders terms. I had been in dogs and the dog world for quite sometime and
don't really like the deal you sometimes get with breeders terms so right from the start I was leery. Not to
pour water on her flame of excitement I chose to instead go and see her lovely new Havanese. Well now
here goes the truth, well lets just say I wasn't impressed. This Havanese was definitely older, old enough
to need a set of dentures. Lynn just couldn't give up. Once again I went to see the next older a little bit
younger than before Havanese (Bonnie). Well I was quite sure this time she had totally lost her mind and
this time I turned a fire hose on her flame. This particular Havanese had no coat and looked to be very
unhealthy for her age. Her comment to me was just look at her eyes. I just shook my head. Well I just had
to meet the source of these older bitches and when I did I fell head over heels for a little black and white
male puppy ( Beans ) who was still nursing and demanded I had to have him. Now how could I criticize
Lynn any longer when I knew I should never buy a puppy with emotion I should buy using my brain. Oh well
it was still her fault, I had to have caught a disease from Lynn that clouded my objectivity. On the way home
Lynn told me I just have to have that other female ( Bosie ) too and to make a long story short she did.
Here we are 1996 Fina the first Havanese who had lost some teeth was with child to fulfill her contract and
Bonnie the 2nd bitch was still trying to grow a coat and my puppy was trying to survive his puppy hood. We
had become members of the Havanese Club of America so what was the next logical step? Showing !!!!
Well having already shown AKC with my Pharaoh Hounds and Husky's and several other dogs in
obedience I knew what I had to do and had the crates and other supplies I needed to do it. I do believe
Lynn now thought I had lost my mind. I told her it was a breeze. She really didn't buy that either. So I went
out and bought a mini van for us to travel in and to show her my sincerity. My husband was not so
impressed but I reassured him everything would be just fine.
In the ring at last. Lynn was very cautious about her chances of winning with Bonnie who still was not in
coat all the way. Well she made me eat my words and Bonnie strutted her stuff all year as the bitch could
not seem to be beaten. I'll always remember those immortal words "oh just look at those eyes". By now
there were five more Havanese members between the two of us. Maaike, Vinnie, Luigi, Khaki and
Raccoon. In 1996 Lynn finished four Havanese. Not bad for a novice huh!
We both promise to keep you updated as the year goes by as to who we are showing now. For all of you
out there I think we've proven it is ok to think with your heart as well as your head if you think BIG and work
hard.   Sandy Barnes

Update: Ti-Ara's Patty Cake "Bonnie" has now taken 8 Best in Shows, she is the top ranked Havanese with
the Havanese Club of America for the 2nd and 3rd Quarters of 1997 and she is the top ranked toy breed
and Havanese for the 1997 year with CKC and the 3rd top of all breeds with CKC - I am proud of Bonnie
and our accomplishments this year. I only wanted 1 Best in Show before i retired her, but she had more in
mind!! My love goes out for Bonnie, she proved if you give love you will get it back twice fold!!!!
Bonnie has now taken 8 Best in Shows for 1997, she took her 8th Best in Show at the Board Walk Kennel
Club in Atlantic City New Jersey on November 29th under 5 judges for Best in Show. The judges were:
Gonnie Schaffer - Best in Show Judge
Michael Sottile - Best in Show Judge
Charles Costello - Breed, Group and Best in Show Judge
Robert Brong - Best in Show Judge
Missy Brong - Best in Show Judge
All judges rated each dog in the Best in Show competition, and with combined scores Bonnie placed
#1.....This is 6 weeks after having puppies...she showed her heart off!!!!!
Bonnie is officially retired from the show ring, other than the occasional let's just have some fun days, she
will be loved, appreciated and well cared for in her retirement....something we all feel she was long
overdue for. But this is not the end.....only the beginning for Bonnie as she will always be by my side at the
shows watching her children continuing on with her name!!!!!
See her up and coming children:
HCA, CKC CH Los Perritos Luigi - "Luigi" - 5 Time Best in Show Winner
HCA, BIS, BISS CH Los Perritos Grand Finale - "Nelly" - 1997 National Specialty Winner
HCA, CKC CH Los Perritos Finale Encore - "Corie" - #1 Female Havanese with the Havanese Club of
America and #3 Ranked of all Havanese for the year 1998. #1 Havanese and #1 Toy breed puppy with the
Canine Kennel Club for the year 1998.

And the story continues........

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